I, Syed Shariq Ehsan, am a SEO Consultant located in Pakistan, from where I provide SEO services in Pakistan and other countries. I have a diverse experience of working from small businesses to enterprises, from business-to-consumer (B2B) websites to business-to-business (B2B) website.
As my client, I will not only work to improve your ranking on Google but will help you in increasing your brand visibility in search, social and community and would drive relevant and valuable traffic to your website that would be easy to convert into customers.

My SEO Philosophy

Every website is different and every industry is different. However, a SEO expert is the person who has expertise and knowledge as strategy for every project can be different but not strategy. If he can learn from his experience and drive robust strategy, he is the SEO expert you need.
My pricing model is flexible to meet client requirements, it depends on many factors that include but not limited to nature of website, industry, website health etc.

What I Do

SEO Audit

Intelligence is the key of success, unless I do not what and how much work has been done on your website I cannot drive strategy for you. As a new client, you will receive a complete SEO audit of your website, which would tell you and me where it is currently standing and how much work is required to see your website in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Once I start working on your website, I will present you monthly progress report of your website and after every 6 months, I will re-audit your website and will compare it with the previous one.

Technical SEO

Every successful SEO campaign starts with crawling and indexing. These two areas are also the most ignored areas by SEO consultants or so called SEO gurus. It’s very difficult to find a website with over 100 pages that could not improve its basic architecture. This also has direct impact on ranking in SERPs. I always start a new project with Technical SEO and fixing crawling and indexing issues.

Content Strategy

Creating a robust content strategy and developing remarkable content is the hardest and the most important part of any SEO campaign. Many SEO consultants admits that “Content is the king” but focus on creating “content” not “great content”. Moreover, few SEO experts believes in content marketing, whereas I believe:

“If content is the king, content marketing is the queen”

Outreach & PR

Building links, commonly known as “Link Building” should not be like going to websites where links can be easily place and insert low quality, unnatural links. Google can even penalize you for having links that are low quality and against Google’s guidelines.

I believe in earning high quality, natural links through media and industry experts. It requires a lot of efforts and time. However, I do it to ensure that you do not end up being penalized by Google.


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