How to Set Up Google Analytics for Website

Google Analytics is the most widely used analytics tool for website traffic or app usage analysis. Although there are two packages of Google Analytics are available in the market i.e. Free and Premium but free package is suitable and for small or medium websites. For websites with thousands of monthly traffic premium package provides little to no value. Its premium package is designed for those websites that have tens of thousands daily traffic.
Setting up Google Analytics is an easy job. It requires few steps as listed below

Step 1

Visit and either login or create a new account. A good practice is to create a separate account for each website. It provides security and privacy.
google analytics first screen

Step 2

Depending on the link you click (Sign in or create an account) you would be taken to the page from where you can sign in or create a new account.

google analytics second screen

Step 3

If after you sign in or create a account you will have to sign up for using Google Analytics

google analytics third screen

Step 4

When you click sign up, you would be taken to the page where you will need to fill a form

google analytics fourth screen

The first option is account name, account name is the top-level identity, and it usually contains organization name. Another option is website name, as its name represents here you will enter your website name. It may look useless at first glance but it is useful if an organization has multiple websites or multiple sub domains. Another option is website URL, notice that http:// or https:// is available in drop down so you do not need to enter it, just select it from drop down. Another option is industry; here you will have to choose one industry from 25 categories. If none matches your industry then you can choose others

  1. Arts and Entertainment
  2. Automotive
  3. Beauty and Fitness
  4. Books and Literature
  5. Business and Industrial Markets
  6. Computer and Electronics
  7. Finance
  8. Food and Drink
  9. Games
  10. Healthcare
  11. Hobbies and Leisure
  12. Home and Garden
  13. Internet and Telecom
  14. Jobs and Education
  15. Law and Government
  16. News
  17. Online Communities
  18. People and Society
  19. Pets and Animals
  20. Real Estate
  21. Reference
  22. Science
  23. Shopping
  24. Sports
  25. Travel
  26. Other

Another option is Data Sharing Settings. It does not matter that Google recommends all, choose what you think you should. Then click on the blue button that says Get Tracking ID.

Step 5

On clicking blue button, Google Analytics Terms and Conditions will open in popup. Accept it after reading it carefully.

google analytics tos agreement

Step 6

Finally you would be taken to the page shown below

google analytics fifth screen

Now copy tracking code and paste on your website. Google recommends pasting it on header; however, pasting tracking codes on footer does not hurt your website performance much.

After pasting code on your website, enjoy analyzing your website traffic.

the author

Shariq is a Google Analytics Certified and Inbound Certified Professional. He is a B2B Digital Marketer and a creative writer with experience of working numerous industries. He is also a contributor on ProPakistani.Pk and TechJuice.Pk. He is specialized in Technical SEO & Web Analytics as well.